Trending Bridal Shoes and Heels Styles for Wedding

Trending Bridal Shoes and Heels Styles for Wedding

Your wedding day is filled with feelings ranging from excitement and expectation to love and joy. And every bride desires to go down the aisle in the ideal wedding shoes. Bridal shoes for weddings are an often-overlooked component of wedding attire.

However, the appropriate shoes can make a significant difference in comfort and style on your wedding day. Women choose footwear for a variety of reasons, including increased confidence, attitude, and aesthetic appeal, as well as their safety. But there's something unique about the selection procedure for new bridal shoes.

Wedding shoes are a statement of style and confidence for brides. They are the ideal approach to completing your bridal outfit while also expressing your distinct personality. But, with so many styles and trends to select from, it can take time to know where to begin.

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  • Top 5 amazing bridal shoes for wedding
  • Block heels for beautiful brides
  • Bridal sneakers
  • Chic flat sandal
  • Embellished heels
  • The charm of customized wedges

The Top 5 Amazing Bridal Shoes for Wedding

1.  Block Heels for Beautiful Brides:

Are you a bride-to-be searching for the ideal pair of bridal shoes in India? Block heels are the way to go! These elegant and comfortable shoes are revolutionizing bridal fashion across the country, and we're here to tell you why?

Bridal block heels are a fresh take on a traditional shoe. Designers this year have devised exciting new designs with beautiful metallic finishes, tiny gemstones, and geometric shapes. These provocative shoes will glam up your bridal outfit and make a lasting impression.

Why Block Heels Are the Perfect Bridal Shoes for Wedding 

●     Styling with comfort:

Indian weddings are long and have many rituals, so brides often have to stand for a long time. The excellent blend of comfort and style offered by bridal block heels is one of the key reasons for their great recognition. Bridal block heels offer much-needed comfort and support, making these hours more tolerable while still ensuring the bride appears lovely and stylish. Opt for upto 3 inch block heels for a lasting comfort during your celebrations.

●     Versatility at its finest:

Bridal block heels are available in a variety of patterns, colours, and embellishments, making them quite adaptable. A metallic embroidery golden heel is perfect for multiple wedding functions.

●     Unique designs:

Bridal block heels easily combine comfort and style. Indian designers offer a gorgeous selection of embroidered block heel shoes to suit every bride's taste. You'll discover the right pair to suit your traditional lehenga or modern wedding gown, whether you choose classic or uncommon styles. Pick a metallic blingy block heel sandal for your sangeet and a lovely thread and zarodozi embroidery one for your wedding day.

Finding the perfect pair of stunning block heels for women is a matter of personal preference, especially when it comes to comfort. A pair of block heels can be purchased from any respectable footwear store, whether you shop online or in person. If you want both comfort and well-designed footwear for your bridal party, look no further. Visit our website today to get the ideal shoes to help you feel your best. Our bridal block heels make you look super elegant and stylish.

2.  Bridal Sneakers:

Sneaker wedding shoes are becoming increasingly popular among brides who want to look trendy while also feeling comfortable on their wedding day. They are also an excellent choice for women with a more casual or bohemian wedding theme.

There are numerous styles of bridal sneakers to pick from, allowing you to find the perfect pair to complement your wedding dress and personal style. You can choose between traditional white sneakers and shoes embellished with lace, pearls, or rhinestones. Sneakers with wedge heels are all the new rage this season.

Find out Ways to Add Uniqueness to your Bridal Sneakers on Your Wedding Day

  Embroidered Elegance:

Custom-embroidered bridal sneakers with exquisite floral patterns or your initials add a personal and elegant touch. This is an excellent way to dress up your footwear and make it an exclusive expression of your wedding theme and personal style.

●  Colorful Contrasts:

Instead of typical white sneakers, try for a pair in a vibrant colour that suits your wedding colours or represents your unique style. This dynamic contrast will turn your footwear into a conversation starter. For example, if you're having a pink and purple wedding, you may wear shoes in bright pink or lavender.

●  Sparkling Statements:

 Glitter, sequins, or crystal-encrusted bridal sneakers will make you sparkle and shine on your wedding day. These gleaming shoes will catch the light and elevate your look, especially when you dance the night away.

Wedding sneakers, no matter how you style them, can be a gorgeous and comfortable alternative for your wedding day.


3.  Chic Flat Sandal:

Chic flat sandals are an unexpectedly stylish choice for your wedding day. They're comfortable, versatile, and can be dressed up or down, depending on your wedding theme. Plus, they're perfect for brides who want to be able to move around freely and enjoy their special day without having to worry about their shoes. 

The best ways to wear chic flat sandals to a wedding

●     Boho-Chic Vibes:

Flat sandals with fringe, feathers, or ethnic motifs will channel your inner bohemian bride. Combine them with a flowing, unusual wedding gown for a relaxed, free-spirited style. To complete the boho-chic look, wear a flower crown or a floral wreath on your hair.

●     Personalized Flair:

Customized flat sandals are a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding day outfit while also creating a lasting keepsake. There are numerous methods to personalize your wedding shoe, including beads, sequins, and hand embroidery or adding quirky quotes.

●     Vintage Appeal:

Vintage-style flat sandals are the ideal footwear choice for a retro-themed wedding. They're fashionable and comfy. Look for antique-style flat sandals with delicate features like lace, pearls, or vintage brooches for your wedding day. You can also select a colour that suits your wedding theme or go with basic ivory for a timeless look.

Shop bridal flats online in India for a chic and comfortable wedding day look.


4.  Embellished High Heels:

Every bride wishes to make a great entry on her wedding day, and what better way to do so than with a stunning pair of embellished high heels? Bridal heels with embellishments add a bit of glamour and elegance to your wedding day ensemble. Their glitz and glam create a fairytale-like environment, making you feel like a princess on your wedding day. Wedge heels for weddings especially allow for ornate embroidery and are great to team with an elaborate traditional lehenga.

Reasons why embellished heels are popular at Indian weddings

●  Statement Pieces:

Embellished heels are more than simply shoes; they're a fashion statement that will make your feet shimmer and sparkle. They can be the focal point of your wardrobe, especially if you're wearing a tea-length or shorter wedding garment.

●  Versatile Beyond the Wedding:

Your embellished heels are a versatile investment that may be used for a variety of special events other than your wedding day. A beautiful pair of studded heels may be dressed up or casually worn with a range of outfits.

●  Match Your Theme:

Embellished heels are available in a range of styles to complement any wedding theme. Match the embellishments on your heels to the theme of your wedding for a unified effect.

Embellished shoes have always won the hearts of Indian brides. So, if you're planning your dream Indian wedding and shopping for bridal shoes online in India, consider the shimmering elegance of embellished heels to make your big day even more enchanting.

5.  The Charm of Customized Wedges:

Customized wedges have recently made a splash in the wedding industry. These adaptable and comfy footwear alternatives not only add a personal touch to your bridal appearance but also provide the ideal balance of trend and comfort.

The latest trends in customized wedges for brides in India

The Personalization:

Brides are personalizing wedge heels in unusual and surprising ways - like adding their hashtags, their wedding dates, a motif of the bride and groom etc.

With this level of customization, your wedding shoes become more than just an accessory; they become a treasured souvenir that will remind you of your special day for years to come.

 Floral Designs:

 Intricate floral motifs are being incorporated into brides' footwear in a number of ways. Some people match the flowers on their shoes to their wedding decor or bridal bouquet, while others use their shoes to make a statement. Floral wedges will add a touch of whimsy and romanticism to your wedding day look, no matter how you style them.

 A Splash of Color:

Colorful personalized wedges are a fun and fashionable way to add a flash of personality to your wedding day ensemble. While golden or ivory wedges are traditional choices, an increasing number of brides are choosing colorful wedges to match their wedding theme or add a splash of color to their dress.

Add a touch of personality to your wedding day look with the latest trends in customized wedges.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which heel do I pick for my wedding footwear?

  • If your primary concern is comfort during the long wedding day celebration, opt for our super lightweight and cushioned wedges. The wedges will provide you great support with a heavy lehenga.
  • If you want some glamour and stance you can go for upto 3inch of block heels as well. The cushioned insole shall take care of your feet.

Is Around Always' footwear comfortable?

At Around Always, we endeavour to make our footwear comfortable by taking into account:

  • We provide cushioned insoles so that the shoes don't hit you on your heels
  • We use lightweight materials - outer sole, wedges and heels to ensure the shoes don't feel like extra baggage to carry
  • The inners of the footwear are lined with soft materials that reduce probability of any shoe bites significantly.
  • We also customise the footwear to add arches on the insole and increase or decrease the inclination of the heels (from back to front) as per the requirements

Should I get a versatile wedding shoes for use later or a one-time wear bridal footwear?

If you want a versatile pair of wedding shoes that you may use later, you can opt for the following:

  • Get a wonderful golden or ivory colour footwear with hint of colour highlights to match your lehenga. Our Gulshan Wedges is a perfect example of such a pair.
  • If you are wearing a red or rani (hot pink) lehenga you can also get a similar colour footwear, as you shall be able to team it with other similar coloured outfits in your trousseau for functions right after your wedding

For a one-time pair, Around Always can do a bespoke bridal footwear matching with your lehenga. This will complete your look from top to toe and lead to some marvelous shots of your attire on the wedding day.

What customisation is possible for bridal shoes with Around Always?

At Around Always, we customise our footwear for colour, heel type, heel height, embroidery, width of the feet etc.

While most designs can be customised, we may operate under some constraints like large motifs may not be possible to fit in low heels, some colours may not be readily available etc.

We advise you to please check with our customer support for customisation before placing an order. You can reach out to them here - Contact Us.

How can I get my footwear customised?

You can get your footwear customised by reaching out to Around Always at:

  • +91-9147070698 via Whatsapp
  • Writing to us at
  • Filling out our customisation form on the product page

Please allow the customer services team atleast 24 business hours to respond to your request.