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Selecting the Perfect Pair of Shoes

Everyone would agree that all of us, at least once in our lifetime, have come back home with a pair of shoes that seemed perfect but turned out to be not good enough for our feet. They gave us cramps, sometimes scars and little cuts or simply didn’t look as good as we thought they did.

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If you’re facing trouble in choosing the right shoe, this blog is for you! 

Now your question might be, “how do I know what is the perfect shoe for me?” or “how do I know I got the right pair?”. Fear not, some or all of these tips and tricks might tell you loud and clear whether the shoes you just picked, will suit you or not. 

Start by choosing the correct size. Check your foot size and the shoe chart every time you shop for shoes. There can be slight variations in shoes that may vary from brand to brand even for the same size. You can also check whether the size you picked is correct or not by inserting your index finger between your heel and the back of the shoe, there should be enough room for your feet to move in it. Keep in mind that after a few uses, some shoes tend to loosen up, make sure you choose the size accordingly. You can also find out what your shoe size is at home.

Measuring foot size with a Brannock Device

Make sure that the shoe you choose should be slightly flexible when the front and the heel of the shoe are bent inwards, stand in the shoes and walk in them to feel how it works for you. If it is uncomfortable or the sole is too hard, it can cause a lot of pain to your feet. And when the shoe is perfect for you, it will reflect its comfort at the very moment you put it on and you will just know that it’s the best pair.

If you happen to be one of those people who have flat feet, you are probably aware of the struggle you have to go through to find the ideal shoes that provide you with the comfort you need. Always make sure that the shoes you pick are more cushioned and have a stable structure. You can also look for insoles and arch supportfor extra comfort.

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When buying a shoe, always check the inside of the shoe for any small parts that can cause bruises, cuts or irritation to your feet. Tags, unfinished or poor finishing of seams and labels can cause discomfort to your feet. In that case, look for alternatives when selecting a pair of shoes.

Good finishing and pasting of a shoe’s elements also ensure that it can endure wear and tear and will last longer without any damage. And lastly, if you feel that some kinds of footwear cause backpain for you, there is no need to compromise on style. Choose designer platform heels to keep backpain at bay and also put your style in spotlight. 

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 Chappals with toe support are very comfortable and are good for wearing for a longer period of time. Customize your own comfortable platform heels and chappals at Around Always for comfort and your chosen design. 

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