A point by point guide for shoe maintenance to increase durability of your footwear

10 Ways to Increase Durability of Your Footwear

All of us have that one favourite footwear which we love the most compared to other footwear we own. Don’t we all just keep looking for more chances to wear them time and again? Unfortunately, all footwear have a lifespan, post which they start to wear out.

While we can’t prevent the inevitable, we sure can delay it. Here are a few tips to increase the lifespan of the shoes you own. 

  1. Use a Container:
    Always keep your footwear in a cardboard box or a fabric dust bag. This allows minor air movement. Avoid plastic boxes as it will not let the footwear breathe. Keep the shoe box in a clean and dry place.

    Shoe Box for storing your footwear Dust Bags to Store your shoes and keep away from moisture

  2. Prevention from moisture:
    Keep your footwear away from moisture. Exposing shoes to moisture will lead to quick growth of bacteria, which causes its early breakdown. Always keep silica gel in the box or wrap the footwear with paper. If possible, it should be sprayed with waterproof spray during rain or snowfall. If the footwear gets wet on one of your rainy outings, dry it out in the air, under the shade and stuff it with newspaper for 30 minutes to get most of the moisture out. Depending on the make of the footwear, you can also consider sprinkling some powder to absorb the moisture.

  3. Keep it away from direct sunlight
    Always keep the footwear in shade. It should be protected from direct sunlight as it causes the footwear to stiffen-up due to dry-rotting, leading to quicker crumbling.

  4. Preventive care right from the start:
    The earlier you begin the longer the shoes last. As you buy a new footwear, employ shoe peripherals like sole protectors, heel guard and rubber tops for pointed footwear. This will help increase the lifespan.

  5. Always use a Care kit:
    Own a footwear care kit to take better care. The kit should include a shoe polish, applicator brushes, clean cotton cloth, waterproofing sprays, paper, silicon gel sachets, suede soap, cleaning liquid, shoe tree, conditioner, and tissue paper. This will help you with your ornate party shoes and formal shoes alike.

    Comprehensive shoe care kit for increasing durability of shoes

  6. Keep it away from heat:
    Don’t keep your footwear near a source of heat. Keep it away from heater, blower, fireplace, or any other source of heat. Any contact will weaken the bond of the glue, as they are heat sensitive.

  7. Always clean the footwear before storage:
    Before keeping the footwear in the box, clean it. Clean its upper using cotton cloth or other materials in the shoe care kit.

  8. Polishing and conditioning:
    Your shoes should be polished and conditioned every two weeks. This will help in maintaining its shine and texture. In case of leather shoes you may use simple cream polish.

  9. Do not pile:
    Never keep your footwear on top of each other. It will not only make them dirty but also change its shape and may cause permanent wrinkles.

  10. Use a shoe tree:
    While keeping the footwear insert a shoe tree or stuff paper inside it to maintain its shape.

    Shoe tree to maintain shape of footwear

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