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5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Shoe Style

Do you often find yourself getting caught up with the latest trends and find it hard to keep up with it? Do the “trends” not suit your taste? Is it troublesome when latest fashion causes you stress and discomfort? 

If your answers were “yes” to all these questions, we can help you to spin that answer around in your favour!

Every person is different and unique. And it is no secret that only you know what is best for you. You know what you like and what is right for you. Usually, it isn’t very pleasant when others buy our shoes for us, then why let the fashion trends dictate what we wear? If the latest styles and trends don’t suit you or cause discomfort to your feet, let the “trends” go and create your own style! 

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Now that you know what is comfortable for you and what your own style is, you can look out for more options of footwear that you prefer and will give you comfort as well as the artistic work on it that you desire. Your style means you can find comfort and fashion together. There is no room for compromising on comfort or fashion when the style is your own. 

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Sometimes when we look for shoes online or in a store, if we don’t have a specific style in mind, we end up spending more time discarding the shoes we don’t want than spending time on selecting the ones that we do. If you enter a store and don’t see the kind of footwear that suits your style, you can stop frittering away time in that store and move to next one to find the perfect pair for you, also, you save time in the process. Being aware of your own taste in footwear makes the selection process faster and efficient.

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As a customer, you and only you know how much you can spend on footwear and that means budget for everyone is tailor-made. Having a particular style can help you narrow down your options in terms of how much you would invest in the perfect pair of shoes that will complement you. Having a specific budget also increases efficiency while shopping for shoes, it’s the best of both worlds!

Moreover, did you know that wearing a certain type of footwear reveals more about the personality of a person than the person himself? A study conducted in 2012 and published in the Journal of Research holds the evidence that footwear and individual personality are linked to each other. Some people make the conscious effort to buy a suitable pair of shoes that matches their style and personality. A unique personality is what everyone looks up to and the freedom to express that, no matter how uncommon, doesn’t always have to be invoked through words. Around Always brings down the words you need to express it to zero. Letting you stand in, what you stand for.

Now, won’t you agree that it is indeed a compelling reason to have a personalized style? Create your own style with footwear from Around Always.

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