5 Tips to Choose the Best Bridal Shoes for the Wedding

5 Tips to Choose the Best Bridal Shoes for the Wedding

Just imagine that you have your dream dress, the jewelry shines and sparkles just the right way, and the excitement for your big day is appreciable. But wait, what about the shoes? If you have the best dress, you have to have the best bridal shoes because they hold immense significance, not only for their style and elegance but also for their cultural symbolism. The options for Indian bridal shoes are endless, making the selection process exciting yet daunting.

However, with careful consideration and attention to detail, you can find the ideal pair of bridal shoes that complement your wedding attire and ensure comfort for your feet throughout the rituals and ceremony. We will help you in this frenzied journey of bridal shoe selection. Here are 5 tips to choose the best bridal shoes for the wedding.

1. No compromise with comfort: 

Comfort should be your top priority when selecting bridal shoes for your wedding. Nowadays, you don’t have to wear traditional Indian bridal shoes if they are uncomfortable for you. You have lots of options on today's date, such as customized bridal shoes, fusion bridal shoes, and many more. Remember, you will be spending hours on your feet, from rituals and ceremonies to the power-packed dance performances, so ensuring that your feet are comfortable is crucial for enjoying the day to its fullest. When trying on bridal shoes, feel how comfortable they are to stand and walk around in. For heels, make sure there is extra padding so the pad of your foot doesn’t get too sore. Some elements of Indian bridal shoes can influence how comfortable they are. Shoes with buckles and laces add adjustable options for brides with wider feet.

In addition to the above, you can select your bridal shoes according to your feet 'structure. Everyone’s feet are different, and their shapes differ; some have wider feet, narrow feet, small feet, and big feet. You can get customized bridal shoes for your wedding, and they’ll have the best fit as they are designed especially for your feet. You also get to choose the designs you want on your shoes.

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2. Consider your venue

With all the hassle, walking, and dancing that occurs on the day of your wedding, you will want to consider your wedding venue before selecting your bridal shoes. Weddings have no boundaries; they can take place in multiple venues like palaces, churches, ballrooms, banquets, beaches, indoor-outdoor venues, etc. Outdoor weddings have locations featuring grass lawns, gardens, and other terrains that call for a special or customized bridal shoe. Also, your wedding location will influence the height of your heels. A lot of brides like to wear heels, but wearing them on sand or slippery terrain is not a good idea. As you consider which bridal shoes you will pick, you will want to ensure that they are friendly with the wedding venue and terrain. Heels may be suitable for indoor venues for smooth flooring, but if your wedding includes grooving on uneven surfaces, then you can look for footwear like wedges or flats, and you are good to go.

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3. Match the shoes with the theme

Making a style statement with the bridal shoes instead of the dress would be an amazing idea. Nowadays, themed weddings are in style; matching your footwear with your wedding theme and its main colors will make everyone look at your feet. You can pick colors like red, gold, blue, and pink based on the colors in your dress. Indian bridal shoes give you many options to try, from fancy embroidered juttis to shiny heels with traditional designs.

Whether you are going for an old-fashioned look with a retro-themed wedding or a modern style with simple vibes, your choice of bridal shoes can make you look adorable. So don’t hesitate to try different shoe designs and let your shoes be the showstopper of the wedding night, because when it comes to bridal shoes, a bride has the authority to choose whatever she wants to choose. Just make sure they match your style and make you feel more confident as you walk down the aisle. After all, your wedding is all about celebrating love and happiness, and your shoes should reflect the same.


4. Practice makes women perfect!

One common mistake many brides make is buying their bridal shoes and leaving them packed until the date of the wedding. But there’s a thing: new shoes can be a bit uncomfortable at first and might even give you shoe bites. They need some to get worn in and mold to the shape of your feet.

By wearing your wedding shoes indoors, you’ll give them a chance to adjust to your feet and become more comfortable. Plus, you will get used to walking in them, which will prevent any surprises or mishaps at your wedding. Think of it as breaking into a new pair of clothes. It takes a little time, but once worn properly, it will fit in just like a dream.

Make it a part of your daily routine to wear your wedding shoes while performing different chores or chilling at home. This way, eventually, before the date of your wedding, you will get used to them without putting too much strain on your feet. If you experience any discomfort, rubbing, or shoe bites, you will have plenty of time to work on the solution.

Remember, your wedding shoes are an important part of your bridal shopping, so it is worth taking the time to ensure they are comfortable. So instead of leaving them behind in a box, take them out and start wearing your bridal shoes at your house for a few hours every day.


5. Plan B is a must.

Imagine your wedding shoes falling apart during the ceremony; it would be a disaster! Having an extra pair of shoes for your wedding will be a smart move. Find another pair that looks like your main bridal shoes. If something unexpected happens, like your shoes breaking suddenly, you won’t need to panic, and it is also a relief for your family. They won't have to scramble around trying to find you a new pair of shoes at the last minute.

Planning is always a good idea, especially for such an important day. Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime moment, and you want everything to go smoothly. Although there is always a rush in the wedding house, you don’t want that in such a hassle environment, footwear malfunctions add fuel to the fire. Even if you don't end up using your backup shoes, it's better to be safe than sorry. You'll have peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for any surprises that might come your way.

So, when you're shopping for your bridal shoes, consider getting a second pair that matches the style and color of your main shoes.



Your wedding day is a special time filled with love, happiness, and new beginnings. Everything, from what you wear to your shoes, matters a lot and helps create wonderful memories. When picking out your Indian bridal shoes for the big day, make sure they're comfy, stylish, durable, and practical. You want shoes that not only match your outfit but also let you enjoy every moment of your celebration.

Following these five important tips will help you find the perfect pair of shoes that show off your uniqueness, culture, and personal style. This will make your wedding day even more magical and unforgettable.


Bonus tip: personal touch

While it's essential to consider comfort, style, and practicality when selecting your bridal shoes for wedding, don't forget to add a touch of your personality to your footwear selection. Let your shoes speak volumes about your individuality and unique style.

Consider incorporating meaningful details into your bridal shoes, such as personalized embroidery, charms, or even your favorite color accents. Whether you're a romantic at heart, a free spirit, or a fashion-forward trendsetter, there are endless ways to customize your shoes to reflect your personality and love story.

Furthermore, feel free to think outside the box and opt for shoe styles that truly resonate with you. By infusing your footwear with personal touches and meaningful details, you'll not only look stunning but also feel authentically yourself as you walk down the aisle towards your happily ever after.


Time to decide

Now you know everything about how to choose the best bridal shoes for a wedding, and according to your parameters, you can opt for your bridal shoe. Even if you end up choosing style over comfort, you should consider bringing a second pair of more comfortable bridal shoes that you can change to if necessary. Flats or wedding sneakers are a great option if your feet start to become sore or you want to feel more confident that you won’t slip on the dance floor.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Which heel do I pick for my wedding footwear?

  • If your primary concern is comfort during the long wedding day celebration, opt for our super lightweight and cushioned wedges. The wedges will provide you great support with a heavy lehenga.
  • If you want some glamour and stance you can go for upto 3inch of block heels as well. The cushioned insole shall take care of your feet.

Is Around Always' footwear comfortable?

At Around Always, we endeavour to make our footwear comfortable by taking into account:

  • We provide cushioned insoles so that the shoes don't hit you on your heels
  • We use lightweight materials - outer sole, wedges and heels to ensure the shoes don't feel like extra baggage to carry
  • The inners of the footwear are lined with soft materials that reduce probability of any shoe bites significantly.
  • We also customise the footwear to add arches on the insole and increase or decrease the inclination of the heels (from back to front) as per the requirements

Should I get a versatile wedding shoes for use later or a one-time wear bridal footwear?

If you want a versatile pair of wedding shoes that you may use later, you can opt for the following:

  • Get a wonderful golden or ivory colour footwear with hint of colour highlights to match your lehenga. Our Gulshan Wedges is a perfect example of such a pair.
  • If you are wearing a red or rani (hot pink) lehenga you can also get a similar colour footwear, as you shall be able to team it with other similar coloured outfits in your trousseau for functions right after your wedding

For a one-time pair, Around Always can do a bespoke bridal footwear matching with your lehenga. This will complete your look from top to toe and lead to some marvelous shots of your attire on the wedding day.

What customisation is possible for bridal shoes with Around Always?

At Around Always, we customise our footwear for colour, heel type, heel height, embroidery, width of the feet etc.

While most designs can be customised, we may operate under some constraints like large motifs may not be possible to fit in low heels, some colours may not be readily available etc.

We advise you to please check with our customer support for customisation before placing an order. You can reach out to them here - Contact Us.

How can I get my footwear customised?

You can get your footwear customised by reaching out to Around Always at:

  • +91-9147070698 via Whatsapp
  • Writing to us at around.homes@gmail.com
  • Filling out our customisation form on the product page

Please allow the customer services team atleast 24 business hours to respond to your request.