Golden sandals for bride to be

8 types of wedding shoes for every bride


A wedding function is one of the most important events in a woman’s life. And, while a lot of time is spent on deciding the wedding dress, not so much is spent deciding the right wedding shoes. Selecting a pair of bridal shoes is actually a cumbersome process, with selections of colour, kind of embroidery, and shoe patterns. The comfort level of a shoe, though less of a selection, matters a great deal on the big day. 

A bride can select the following pair of shoes:- 

A pair of sandals go well with the bridal dress and can be found in various styles. They come in different heel heights and types. A pair of sandals make an amazing choice for a summer-season wedding and are available in simple and extravagant designs.


         Under sandals, another popular choice is an ankle-strap sandal which is                 usually available as a pair of pencil heels. The ankle strap sandal is a                       popular choice as the sandals provide a firm grip. 

         Premium embroidered footwear from India


    The most hassle-free shoes, yet stylish and elegant for all the running around during a wedding. The shoes are available in both heels and flats. The bride should pick a pair of these for ease and comfort during those numerous days of celebrations. A little bling on the strap does no harm.

         Trendy slipons for casual and party wear


         Available as flat footwear, ballerinas make an amazing choice for the bride.             They make a stylish and elegant pair of shoes. They come in elegant                       designs, sparkles, or maybe a classic plain. 



  • PUMPS:
    A pair of heels or pumps are best suited for a sangeet ceremony. They are mesmerizing and helps a bride walk in confidence. The variety of heights can make a perfect wedding shoe depending on the comfort level. They are a pumped-up version of the bellies.

          Pink block heel pumps for wedding and occasions




         Wedges are the most popular choice for brides as they are the most                       comfortable bridal shoes. These pair of heels are specially meant for the                 long grueling wear of wedding days. There is also a lower risk of tripping or           ripping the wedding dress. Given the surface area of the heels, they make             for a great show of embroidery too.

         Bridal wedges with high heels and soft comfortable sole

         Comfortable high heel wedges with handwork from India


    Kolhapuri sandals are an amazing choice as they give a royal look. The sandals are available in wedges and flats. Kolhapur shoes are also a good choice as they are available in different colours, embroidery, and sequence work. 

    A Punjabi jutti is the current popular choice among brides for a good pair of  bridals flats as they have an amazing look and are easy to wear. They provide a large range of designs which includes brocade open jutti, fully covered embroidered juttis, mirrored juttis, zari embroidered juttis. The wide variety offers an easy option to match with any outfit.


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