Comfortable Bridal Shoes in high heels and hand work

A guide to bridal heels

Wedges are a very popular choice of wedding shoes for a bride on her big day. They undoubtedly add a touch of elegance to the attire and help to give a slender appearance to her frame. In order to have a perfect pair of shoes, a bride must keep in mind certain points, for her to have a comfortable and amazing day. 

Tip #1: As a beginner, one should always avoid wearing very high or thin heels. In this case, bridal wedges are a suitable choice. 

Red bridal wedges from Around Always, India

Tip #2:  Preferably,  buy a pair of heels at the end of the day as your foot might get swollen on the day of the occasion, to get a better understanding of the fit of the heels.

Tip #3: Selecting the right size and fit is necessary as not all pairs of heels are broad enough and might be uncomfortable for the bride. A broader fit might be suitable for brides with a broad foot and a narrow front might be comfortable for brides with a narrow foot. 

Tip #4: Before finalizing on a pair, it is preferable that you walk in them in order to know that they are comfortable to wear while walking or for wearing for long durations. 

Tip #5: The thickness and placement of the heel play an important part in the selection of the heels as they need to be placed exactly under your heel. In addition to this, opting for thicker heels is a good choice, as it provides greater support to the body and provides better stability. This is a key factor, because of the duration of these functions, and wearing a thin heel might prove to be uncomfortable for the bride. 

Transparent heels sandals from Indian designer

Tip #6: Height of the heel: Comfort plays an important role in the selection of these shoes, thus a comfortable pair of heels usually measures between 3 cm to 9 cm. Heels over this height can cause more pressure on the lower back and do not provide a good balance.

Around Always provides a wide range of shoes that are comfortable and well-fitting, according to the bride’s choice. In addition to customised shoes, they also come with an extra soft insole. The shoes are a good fit and are comfortable for the bride, without any compromise to the style factor. 

A right fit is important in order to maintain the correct posture and reduce issues like lower back pain. Elegance is a secondary factor as it is important to maintain the comfort level. Many brides tend to make this mistake while buying a pair for themselves and thus end up injuring or hurting themselves. Following these tips will help her find the right, classy and elegant pair of heels for her big day.

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