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With the halls decorated with flowers and lights, tables serving food and sweets and family members, relatives and friends having fun gathered for the special occasion, who wouldn’t say that a wedding is one of the most important days of a person’s life? And the most dazzling person in the room is always the bride. With the shimmering lehengas or sarees, beautiful makeup and perfect hair, adorned with jewellery, of course the bride is in the spotlight. But because we keep evolving and so does fashion, even shoes have become an integral part of a bride’s outfit. If you are one of those brides who would consider getting a pair of shoes that stands out for your big day but don’t know what to look for, this is the right place for you. Here you will find everything about the latest trends and also a few upcoming, quirky shoes styles.

Starting with the latest bridal shoe trend, luxury is everything. Brides have been looking for bridal shoes that stand out and look luxurious and extravagant. These have rich, metallic colours and studded with rhinestones and crystal gems. Another very sophisticated yet luxurious colour is white which usually incorporates a satin or silk bow and a few delicately placed rhinestones in a subtle pattern. 

Brides now are also ditching the traditional colours and going with a variety of different colours and shades. Colours now range from dark and funky like dark green or neon or light and pastel colours like lilac and pink. Black and grey are the two other non traditional colours that have made its way in the brides’ closet. 

Customisation has also become one of the key requirements the brides are looking for while shopping for shoes. Custom made shoes have been sought after for personalised features and looks and to accommodate the bride’s needs. Every little feature is selected by the bride, the design, heel type, colour and added features such as toe support. Because customisation provides them with a wide range of variations to choose from according to their needs, it has become very popular.  

The next popular choice amongst the brides are designer shoes.These shoes are loaded with embellishments, beads, sequins and embroidery. Even though many bridal shoes already do have embellishments and sequins, having embroidery on your wedding shoes is the new cool. These designer shoes incorporate thread work, glitter and shimmer to make the most beautiful and intricately designed pair of shoes for your special day. Apart from the thread work and the use of embellishments, it also helps the brides choose the kind and the size of heels according to their comfort. You wouldn’t want to feel uncomfortable on the day of your wedding, would you? 

Embroidered designer shoes also go really well with the traditional bridal outfits like lehengas, gowns and sarees. This is the very fresh option being presented to brides who are looking for something artistic and really elaborate hand work specially done for them by artisans. It complements the overall attire and also gives a traditional touch. 

And if your taste in shoes really stands out and goes towards being unconventional, the western trend of hand painted shoes might be for you. Detailed and ornate illustrations are hand painted on the shoes with bold colours, making it stand out and at the same time, also giving a quirky twist to the traditional outfit.  

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