The Ultimate Guide For Wearing Heels All Day

The Ultimate Guide For Wearing Heels All Day

Looking for a clear and concise guide to wearing heels? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Heels are always an elegant option but tend to be uncomfortable at times. Wearing heels can often look quite intimidating, especially if you aren’t used to them. But, with a few tips, it can be as easy as walking around in your sneakers. So here are some tips to wear heels all day, with ease:

Tip #1: If you’re not used to wearing heels, don’t wear them for the first time on your wedding day. They may cause blisters and sore feet. And avoid wearing heels for all the wedding events; if you’re attending back-to-back events, wear something comfortable like flats or wedges to the smaller functions and then change into heels for the larger event.

Start wearing your heels a few days before your wedding. Walk around the house for a little bit each day and eventually try walking outside in them. This will help you get accustomed to wearing them for long periods of time.

Tip #2: You need to choose the right size and shape of heels depending on your foot type. For instance, if you have wide feet then pointed heels are likely to be uncomfortable, whereas if you have round or wide feet then you can go for a short or a wide heel.

You don’t always have to choose heels that make you look stylish. Comfort is a factor too. The most popular types of heels are short, wide, and platform. They are a good option as they add inches to your height and are comfortable as well.

Tip #3: Tape your toes. Yes, you heard that right. Tape your 3rd and 4th toes together with surgical tape. This reduces the strain on the nerve that runs between these two toes and can help in reducing discomfort. Another option is to add shoe inserts or insoles. They provide great comfort and can help prevent injuries by reducing pressure on the foot and improving overall stability. Soft, transparent silicone insoles can be especially helpful.

Tip #4: Line the inside of your heels with a soft fabric or moleskin. This helps to avoid painful rubbing of the shoe surface against the skin. You can also apply a roll-on deodorant to areas of the foot that tend to get blisters before you slip into a pair of tight shoes.

Tip #5: For the final tip, we have something called the Blow Dryer & Sock Hack. Put on a pair of socks, and then put on your shoes. Take a blow dryer, and run it over your shoe, especially over the parts that are tight. Now wiggle your toes inside the shoes and move around a little to make them more comfortable. This can help you open a tight pair of shoes.

Picking the right-fitting shoe is important for your posture and your comfort level. Many women buy shoes that don’t fit properly and end up hurting themselves during the wedding day. To know more about selecting the right pair of heels, read our article about selecting the right pair of heels

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