Top bridal shoe trends for the modern bride in 2024

Top bridal shoe trends for the modern bride in 2024

Have you ever read Audrey Hepburn?

How beautifully she said, “If I get married, I want to be very married.” True, indeed. A wedding day is once in a lifetime event. A wedding is the day the rest of your life begins, or the day you are cohesive with your loved ones. From every aspect of a marriage, like wearing a suit to a wedding cake, there’s one thing that you can’t skip a trending bridal shoe. Modern-day weddings are exorbitant and spectacular, but only if they can make an impression on social media. Gone are the days of exclusive themes and stunning destinations.

So are you ready to check out the top bridal shoes as per the trend? Well, who wouldn’t want?

There are various exciting as well as stylish bridal shoe designs obtainable for the modern bride in 2024. Exclusive bridal footwear choices allow the bride to express her uniqueness, elevate her stylish wedding look, personalize her wedding assembly, and help to hold sloppy value as a symbol of the special day. 

Let's have a look at some of the top shoe trends based on the latest information available.

  •       Silk with Bow Details

Silk wedding shoes with bow details will be the next big fashion trend to add a touch of quiet magnificence to your wardrobe. This sophisticated and elegant style is sure to please ultramodern lovers who want a bit of dateless glamour in their footwear.

  •       Platform Sandals

High-end platform sandals are expected to be the go-to sandals for ultra-luxe misters this year. With a soft, cushioned sole and a platform heel, these sandals are perfect for wedding day style and comfort. They can add a touch of glamour to the groom’s look while icing the bride’s feet to stay comfortable throughout the festivities. Platform sandals, particularly Valentino sandals, are all the rage on the fashion runways this year. This look is perfect for bridal moments as it adds drama and extra height that most brides desire. Simple designs are the most elegant for the ceremony, and metallic versions are the most glamorous for the reception and after-party.

  •       After party admirable

If you're looking to add a touch of glamour to your after-party or late-night party, you can't go wrong with a pair of sparkly, shiny shoes. From metallic leather to rhinestone embellishments and whimsical designs such as glass slippers, shiny shoes are a must-have for every festive bridal look. Stick to one of these sparkly numbers during your reception or save them for your third night on the dance floor. Shine and sparkle are essential. Whether you're going for metallic leather, a touch of rhinestone, or a whimsical design like glass slippers, you'll want to add some sparkle and shine to your ensemble.

The importance of unique bridal shoes

 Unique bridal shoes are important for several reasons.

  1. Personal style and expression: Unique bridal shoes allow brides to express their style and personality on their special day. It acts as a statement piece and adds personality to the bride's overall look.
  2. Additions to the wedding dress: Unique bridal shoes can complement your wedding dress and enhance the beauty of your entire bridal ensemble. They contribute to the bride's confidence and happiness, making her feel beautiful and elegant on the most important day of her love story.
  3. Photos and Memories: Unique wedding shoes play an important role in your wedding photos, adding an element of visual interest and creativity to your memories of your big day.
  4. Symbolism and emotion: For some brides, unique bridal shoes have sentimental value and can become a cherished keepsake of their wedding day. They symbolize the beginning of a new journey and serve as a reminder of special moments of celebration.

In summary, unique bridal shoes allow a bride to express her style, compliment her wedding dress, contribute to memorable photos, and have sentimental value as a symbol of her special day. It is important.

These trends reflect the diverse and evolving tastes of modern brides, offering a wide range of options to suit different styles and wedding themes. The bridal party of 2024 will have an abundance of fashionable and cozy shoe options for the ceremony, reception, and after-party. Modern brides seeking wedding shoe designs in 2024 want a blend of style, comfort, and uniqueness.

If you have any specific preferences or would like to explore more trends, just continue with us!

  •       Customized Designs

Personalized and customized bridal shoe designs are becoming increasingly popular among modern brides. From monogram details to custom color options, brides look for shoes that reflect their unique style and personality, making each shoe a special and meaningful part of their wedding outfit. These coveted shoe designs reflect the modern bride's desire for style and comfort on her special day, whether it's flats, statement heels, or a unique design. The customized bridal shoes of 2024 have a wide range of options to complement their wedding attire.

  •       Embellished Flats

Many modern brides choose ballet shoes with embellishments that provide both style and comfort. Featuring intricate beadwork, delicate lace, and floral embellishments, these flat wedding sandals offer a chic and comfortable option for your ceremony or reception.

  •       Statement Heels

With unique details like sculptural shapes, metallic finishes, and intricate straps, statement wedding heels for brides are extremely popular with modern brides. These heels add glamour and personality to your bridal ensemble and are a popular choice for weddings.

  •       Superior Floral

Florals have always been popular in bridal jewelry, but with a new twist. It will be even bigger in 2024. However, this year it's all about the way flowers are expressed, with both transparent and fantastical materials and three-dimensional petals and leaves being popular.

  •       Mules

Bridal mules look incredibly chic for spring/summer brides, with satin styles, square toes, and shiny metallic designs. Of course, Manolo Blahnik's Maysail lace cap, adorned with a crystal buckle, is iconic all year. Everyone especially loves pairing it with City Hall-inspired outfits.

  •       Crystal shoe

If you're looking for a little pop of color for your 2024 wedding, Teagan is for you. Make a statement with gold crystals on the strap. Brides love pairing Tegan with a high-slit dress to give crystal shoes that "jiffy." Plus, you can easily wear it again later by upgrading your jeans or pairing it with a sexy little black dress.

  •       Unique Flats

In 2024, ballerinas will be at the top of their game once again when it comes to bridal shoes. Gone are the days when fashion was a hassle, as brides value comfort above all else. All of Bella Belle's shoes are designed for comfort, but some brides aren't used to wearing heels. If so, choose comfortable and stylish ballet shoes. The details will surprise you!

  •       Leather bridal shoe

These leather bridal shoes embody elegance and comfort. The collection, inspired by the Belle Vivier collection, has become iconic. Crafted from glossy cream patent leather, they feature a round toe and double strap closure. The buckle is decorated with mini crystals, giving it an elegant look. A 1-inch geometric heel adds a 1960s-inspired retro touch. Perfect as a second bridal shoe for your wedding, allowing you to enjoy your party in style and comfort. This is the most trending bridal shoe of 2024. Brides are eagerly waiting to wear this shoe to get an elegant look.

  •       Stiletto

These sandals have an elegant look with various straps surrounding the open silhouette. These sandals are made in Italy. These sandals are one of the most demanding and trending bridal shoes of 2024. Made from polished light gold laminated leather, this pair features thin straps around the toe and ankle. The generous platform sole increases support. If you want to get into a 70’s party mood, then you must go with this. Whenever you wear it on your feet, you must feel like an amazing 70’s wedding night that makes you more romantic.

  •       Trapeze heel

If you're looking for a truly unique and artisanal shoe, Flordeasoka's Jacinta 9 Cosmos shoes are a great option. This is another eye-catching and demanding shoe. Most of the brides want to wear this on their special occasions. 100% designed and manufactured in Spain. These bridal or guest sandals are the result of a combination of sensibility, creativity, and expertise from a family dedicated to their design. Featuring a 9cm trapeze heel, this sandal is made from metallic suede and features a leather insole and sole for maximum comfort.

90s fashion trends are making a comeback in the bridal industry, and that includes bridal shoes. The designer incorporates '90s elements like chunky heels, platforms, and strap designs to create modern, edgy bridal shoe options. Bridal shoe trends are also influenced by contemporary silhouettes. Designers are experimenting with unique shapes and structures and moving away from traditional styles. These include asymmetrical designs, geometric cutouts, and structured heels. Bridal shoe designers experiment with unique materials to create unique designs. These include metallic surfaces, iridescent fabrics, and even unconventional materials such as feathers and transparent elements.

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It is important to note that bridal shoe trends can change, and there may be other new trends in 2024 as well. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which heel do I pick for my wedding footwear?

  • If your primary concern is comfort during the long wedding day celebration, opt for our super lightweight and cushioned wedges. The wedges will provide you great support with a heavy lehenga.
  • If you want some glamour and stance you can go for upto 3inch of block heels as well. The cushioned insole shall take care of your feet.

Is Around Always' footwear comfortable?

At Around Always, we endeavour to make our footwear comfortable by taking into account:

  • We provide cushioned insoles so that the shoes don't hit you on your heels
  • We use lightweight materials - outer sole, wedges and heels to ensure the shoes don't feel like extra baggage to carry
  • The inners of the footwear are lined with soft materials that reduce probability of any shoe bites significantly.
  • We also customise the footwear to add arches on the insole and increase or decrease the inclination of the heels (from back to front) as per the requirements

Should I get a versatile wedding shoes for use later or a one-time wear bridal footwear?

If you want a versatile pair of wedding shoes that you may use later, you can opt for the following:

  • Get a wonderful golden or ivory colour footwear with hint of colour highlights to match your lehenga. Our Gulshan Wedges is a perfect example of such a pair.
  • If you are wearing a red or rani (hot pink) lehenga you can also get a similar colour footwear, as you shall be able to team it with other similar coloured outfits in your trousseau for functions right after your wedding

For a one-time pair, Around Always can do a bespoke bridal footwear matching with your lehenga. This will complete your look from top to toe and lead to some marvelous shots of your attire on the wedding day.

What customisation is possible for bridal shoes with Around Always?

At Around Always, we customise our footwear for colour, heel type, heel height, embroidery, width of the feet etc.

While most designs can be customised, we may operate under some constraints like large motifs may not be possible to fit in low heels, some colours may not be readily available etc.

We advise you to please check with our customer support for customisation before placing an order. You can reach out to them here - Contact Us.

How can I get my footwear customised?

You can get your footwear customised by reaching out to Around Always at:

  • +91-9147070698 via Whatsapp
  • Writing to us at
  • Filling out our customisation form on the product page

Please allow the customer services team atleast 24 business hours to respond to your request.