Room customization with home decor

Room customization with home decor

It’s just easy to get bored really quickly, sitting at home, entrapped between four walls all day long. And if suddenly one day you realize that the elements in your room don’t match your taste, it’s still not too late to change things here and there and customize room the way you would want.

Customizing is a great way of stylizing and adding a personal touch to anything which will scream ‘you’. From small objects like boxes to bigger surfaces like rooms, anything can become your canvas and give you the freedom to add a dash of your own unique style. If you follow trends and also want to get rid of the boring and monotonous elements in your room, follow along!

Before settling down to start customizing, think of a theme or a style that appeals to you. It could be vintage, chic, and classy, abstract and geometric, or even inspired by nature. Basically, anything that resonates with you and makes your mind run wild with ideas. 

Once you know what your theme should be, you can start by customizing a table lamp. Paint it, add stickers or recycle old ones in a completely different way. All you need to do is get your creative juices flowing, also add scented candles or small décor pieces to make your room look chic. 

Drape your bed and chair with soft bedsheets and blankets and comfortable, designer pillows to add more comfort and style. Pillow covers that are handmade or have intricate work done by hand are very appealing and definitely add the much-needed detail.

Changing curtains and having prominent curtain holders to complement the color of your room makes it look classier and choosing wall clocks that fit your style is good enough to catch others’ attention. 

Once the essential changes are made, it is time to add some zest to your room. Put up big, individual wall frames or clusters of small ones, wall hangings, and other artworks to add another dimension and give a new and refined look to the room. Choose whatever reflects your individuality and personality. Discover more options at Around Always to keep your room stylized.  

Embroidered wall frame from Shreya Goenka - Around Always

Ever wondered why dark or pale-colored rooms feel gloomy? It is because every color holds some energy that could either make your room look gloomy and dull or calm and tranquil. You can use wall stickers or wallpapers to change the energy in your room. And if nothing works out, placing small potted plants or creating a terrarium adds the freshness and the pop of color everyone needs! 

Let us know in what ways you would customize your room!

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