Indian Wedding Shoes Every Bride Must Try in 2024

Indian Wedding Shoes Every Bride Must Try in 2024

Indian weddings are a colorful, gorgeous, and dazzling array of non-stop traditional rituals that cover days and sometimes weeks. There’s a ring exchange ceremony, haldi, mehendi, sangeet, the core wedding ceremony, and the reception event. Whew! 

When people talk of weddings, most of us immediately gravitate towards thinking of dress items. In the case of Indian weddings, people start thinking about sarees, lehengas, wedding kurtas, pajama sets, and more. However, Indian bridal footwear or Indian wedding shoes are nearly as important as the rest of your ensemble. Here’s why! Indian wedding shoes have a two-fold job:

  1. To look classy and fashionable
  2. To keep your feet comfortable all day

Nowadays, you don’t need to wear traditional Indian bridal footwear if you find them uncomfortable. You have more options today, such as customized bridal shoes, fusion bridal shoes, and more. You can even get Indian wedding sneakers for maximum comfort and ease of movement.

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • Types Of Footwear You Can Wear in Wedding Season
  • Indian wedding shoes buying guide
  • A Shoe Survival Cheat Sheet for the Bride-To-Be.

 Let’s begin!


Types Of Footwear You Can Wear in Wedding Season

Some types of footwear are perfect for wearing on occasions like Indian weddings. We’ll also tell you why you should pick them. So, let’s take a look!


  • Wedges: While not as delicate as your prized stilettos, they are 10 times more comfortable since they have no separation from sole to heel. Wedges for the bride come in a range of heel height options and fantastic colors.  
  • Kolhapuri chappals: These hand-crafted, decorated leather slippers are classy and comfortable. These are perfect for sporting that traditional look but are versatile enough to match Western outfits.
  • Mojaris and Juttis: You know why girls love mojaris and juttis? It’s because they’re richly decorated with embroidery in ethnic patterns and are so comfortable to wear!
  • Block heels: Going for a glamorous look? A pair of block heels can work! Richly embroidered with floral designs, zari, pearl, and beads, they’ll turn heads but not bruise your feet.

Sneakers: Bridal sneakers in India pair best with stylish Shararas and lehengas. These Indian wedding sneakers are ideal for more active events like sangeet and haldi.

Here’s how to pick the best Designer Women's Shoes for a Wedding

No matter which footwear style you would like, it’s essential to consider a few things before finalizing on that perfect pair. As you go shopping, take this checklist with you.


  • How is your heel tolerance?
    Don't wear heels normally? Hmm…then you need to consider the height of the heels first. Don’t go with stilettos first thing in the shop. Those babies may look hot, but they’re not for wearing all day. High heels may take a toll on your feet if you’re not used to them, especially if you wear them for several hours. We recommend using conservative heel height instead for comfort and ease of movement.

  • Do you want an open-ended or closed-ended shoe?
    Most footwear comes in open-ended and close-ended varieties. We recommend considering the season and the venue. Additionally, think about the activities you may have. Will there be dancing? If yes, with which footwear variety will you be most comfortable?

  • Consider the comfort factor.
    You may notice we’re talking about comfort frequently. But that’s because comfort is perhaps the most important factor here! You might hate even the most luxurious bridal high heels for the wedding if they bruise your heels at every step. When you’re shopping, try on several shoes. Walk around. Do they fit snugly? Does it have enough room around the edge of your feet?

  • Venue, location, and surface
    Bridal footwear shopping can be exciting. But don’t forget the wedding location! You don’t want to wear bridal high heels for beach or summer garden weddings. When choosing designer shoes, think about the wedding ceremony and reception venues. Will it be inside? Or will they be held outside on uneven surfaces like grass, sand, and historic cobblestones?

  • Consider the season
    Summer wedding footwear is different from its winter counterparts. This is for both comfort and ease of movement. Unless your wedding is in a tropical location, you don’t want open-ended sandals for a winter event.

    And now that you’ve bought the footwear, let’s find out how to survive with it!

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    A Shoe Survival Cheat Sheet For The Bride-To-Be

    I could feel their gaze on me from a distance, judging me critically. Some were even concerned for me.


    It was only a few minutes into the wedding’s sangeet (at a friend’s wedding). I’d hardly started enjoying the music. It started slowly and rose to a screaming crescendo. I began to feel out of balance, and my feet felt like lead. I tottered on the dancefloor in my high heels, confused and dizzy, and felt as if I were having an attack of vertigo.


    I grabbed a seat quickly and took off my glittering bridal high heels for the wedding. My feet were sore from a day of standing and moving around. No wonder they were silently screaming for help!


    Weddings can be daunting. We focus so much on donning fashionable wedding wear that we disregard the footwear comfort factor. 


    But this doesn’t have to be you! 


    Let’s face it. The heels look great. They are stylish and are always in fashion. But try wearing them, and your feet may feel sore after a bit. When the day is over, your feet will be mad at you for making them endure such a trying ordeal. However, you can do a few things to care for your precious feet, even if you’re wearing heels. Look at these wedding footwear hacks that allow you to sport these heeled stunners all day without getting sore.

    With this cheat sheet, you can navigate footwear woes like a walk in the park.

    Battle-Tested Wedding Shoe Survival Guide 

    1. Try it out: First, you must check and buy footwear with a good sole grip. If you’re ordering customized bridal shoes, tell the retailer your requirements. They’ll gladly give you a pair with an anti-skid sole grip.

    2. Lean and mean: High heels look and feel amazing, except they can be very painful after those long hours at a wedding. We recommend getting heels with gradual slopes instead of heels with considerable heights.

    3. Time-out: Here’s a tip to make your Indian bridal footwear woes feel like smoke and mirrors. Just sit every 20 minutes. This takes the weight off your feet, giving them much-needed rest. Weddings can continue for days, and you may need to stand most of the time. Be kinder to your twinkle toes by giving them 20-minute time-outs regularly. Oh, and here’s a side-tip! Use slip-on-heels over buckle straps. They’re easier to wear, and just as stylish!

    4. Break in and enter: Should you buy slightly smaller leather shoes just because you love the design (we’ve all done that!), you must break them in before the big day. Breaking in Indian wedding shoes makes them suitable for those long, fun hours. Here’s what you do: apply vaseline to the rims and the heel areas. Next, wear the shoes at home for a few minutes and get comfortable. This opens up the footwear for comfortable use. If your footwear is non-leather, use ice packs instead. Alternatively, you can blow-dry them too.

    5. Seal the heel: Here’s the thing about new Indian bridal footwear. They look cute, but they bite! Shoe bites are something every owner dreads, and this is something you certainly don’t want on your plate at weddings. Fortunately, we have a solution. Add band-aids or cotton balls on your feet to avoid nasty cuts. Additionally, consider using add-on soles to get blister-free skin.

    6. Tape your toes: Why stop at heel care? An associated tip is to take your 3rd and 4th toes to reduce pressure on the balls of your feet. Now you can stand longer at the coming wedding and have a great time without worrying!


      Tips:  Do you know which types of Bridal Shoes and High Heels are trending in the upcoming wedding season?


      Bonus tip: Sneak in the sneakers. Always have a backup plan. There can be times when your feet just can’t take any more. They need to rest! For these trying times, have a pair of comfortable Indian wedding sneakers. These flats reduce pressure on your feet and give them a well-deserved rest.

      When it comes to Indian wedding shoes, you have many options, depending on your preferences. And by now, you also know which brands you can order shoes from, including customized bridal shoes. As for fearing to wear them all day because of foot pain, just use the tips we gave you in the end! 

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Which heel do I pick for my wedding footwear?

      • If your primary concern is comfort during the long wedding day celebration, opt for our super lightweight and cushioned wedges. The wedges will provide you great support with a heavy lehenga.
      • If you want some glamour and stance you can go for upto 3inch of block heels as well. The cushioned insole shall take care of your feet.

      Is Around Always' footwear comfortable?

      At Around Always, we endeavour to make our footwear comfortable by taking into account:

      • We provide cushioned insoles so that the shoes don't hit you on your heels
      • We use lightweight materials - outer sole, wedges and heels to ensure the shoes don't feel like extra baggage to carry
      • The inners of the footwear are lined with soft materials that reduce probability of any shoe bites significantly.
      • We also customise the footwear to add arches on the insole and increase or decrease the inclination of the heels (from back to front) as per the requirements

      Should I get a versatile wedding shoes for use later or a one-time wear bridal footwear?

      If you want a versatile pair of wedding shoes that you may use later, you can opt for the following:

      • Get a wonderful golden or ivory colour footwear with hint of colour highlights to match your lehenga. Our Gulshan Wedges is a perfect example of such a pair.
      • If you are wearing a red or rani (hot pink) lehenga you can also get a similar colour footwear, as you shall be able to team it with other similar coloured outfits in your trousseau for functions right after your wedding

      For a one-time pair, Around Always can do a bespoke bridal footwear matching with your lehenga. This will complete your look from top to toe and lead to some marvelous shots of your attire on the wedding day.

      What customisation is possible for bridal shoes with Around Always?

      At Around Always, we customise our footwear for colour, heel type, heel height, embroidery, width of the feet etc.

      While most designs can be customised, we may operate under some constraints like large motifs may not be possible to fit in low heels, some colours may not be readily available etc.

      We advise you to please check with our customer support for customisation before placing an order. You can reach out to them here - Contact Us.

      How can I get my footwear customised?

      You can get your footwear customised by reaching out to Around Always at:

      • +91-9147070698 via Whatsapp
      • Writing to us at
      • Filling out our customisation form on the product page

      Please allow the customer services team atleast 24 business hours to respond to your request.