Top 5 Flat Bridal Shoes for Brides

Top 5 Flat Bridal Shoes for Brides

In Indian weddings, every little thing matters, from pretty mehendi designs to gorgeous bridal lehengas. Choosing the right dress takes center stage, as you’ve got more on the list, like makeup, wedding venue, jewelry, and many more. But the most often overlooked thing is women’s bridal shoes. Finding the right pair of bridal shoes is the top priority for many brides. Some brides see it as the ultimate fashion, while others simply want comfortable bridal shoes that will allow them to enjoy their biggest day to the fullest.

Now comes the time to select the perfect bridal shoes. Although high heels are always in demand, nowadays most brides opt for bridal flat footwear. Bridal flats are comfy and stylish. But now the question is: which bridal flats should a bride choose?

Here are the 5 best Indian bridal footwear flats for brides to slay their entire day without any fuss. Whether it is walking down the aisle, dancing at the sangeet, or standing for a long time during rituals, bridal flats make sure that the bride looks good as well as feels comfortable. Let’s check out the best bridal flats for the best bride.


1. A Bride’s New Best Friend: Classic Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are like a breath of fresh air for your feet, offering a cozy hug with every step. They are the go-to choice for brides who want to feel elegant without sacrificing comfort. With their simple yet sophisticated design, they are a timeless addition to any bridal flat footwear.

Crafted from soft, flexible materials, ballet flats gently cradle your feet for a blissful walking experience. You can find them in a rainbow of hues, from delicate pastels to bold statement colors, ensuring there's a perfect pair of bridal shoes for every bride's taste.

What's more, ballet flats are incredibly versatile, effortlessly complementing various wedding styles, from casual outdoor ceremonies to formal indoor receptions. Their low profile and stable sole make them a reliable choice for navigating any venue with ease.

On your wedding day, comfort is key, and classic ballet flats deliver just that. Whether you are handling guests, posing for photos, or rocking on the dance floor, these bridal flats will support you every step of the way.

So, slip into a pair of classic ballet flats and float through your wedding day with grace and style. With their unmatched combination of comfort and beauty, they are sure to become your new best friend for the most memorable day of your life.



2. Add glamour to your bridal look: Kolhapuris

Kolhapuris are like a magical mix of tradition and sparkle, all the way from Maharashtra. These bridal flats are super special because they are decorated with shining stuff like mirrors, pearls, and fancy threadwork, making them look adorable. In Indian culture, Kolhapuris are more than bridal flats; they are the symbol of our rich heritage and the amazing craftsmanship of the artisans.

Brides love them because they go perfectly with traditional and modern outfits, adding a touch of elegance to any look. Plus, they are very comfy, so brides can wear them all day long. Kolhapuris are the perfect choice for you if you want to feel beautiful and comfy on your big day!

And when it comes to styling, there are so many fun ways to wear them! You can pair them with a gorgeous saree or a trendy lehenga for a traditional vibe, or even rock them with an amazing fusion outfit for a modern twist. No matter how you wear them, Kolhapuris are sure to add a touch of glamour to your bridal look!



3. The way to go! Punjabi Juttis

Punjabi juttis are like a mix of old and new styles, perfect for brides who want to look pretty and feel comfy. These bridal flats are simple but fancy, with a touch of decoration that makes them special. The cool thing about Punjabi juttis is that you can wear them for all parts of your wedding, whether it's the serious ceremony or the fun party afterward. They work well in different places too, like indoors or outdoors.

You can match your bridal flats with your bridal outfit in lots of different ways. You can choose colors that stand out or ones that blend in nicely. And if you want to add a little extra something, you can wear them with pretty anklets or toe rings.

But the best part about Punjabi Juttis? They are super comfy! You can dance and walk around all day without your feet hurting. So, if you want bridal flats that look good, feel great, and are perfect for your big day, Punjabi Juttis are the way to go!


 Customize your Punjabi Juttis Now!


4. Wedding Sneakers: Popular among Brides!

Wedding sneakers are becoming a big hit with brides everywhere, offering a comfy and fun twist to the traditional bridal look. These sneakers come in all sorts of styles and colors, so there's something for every bride's taste, whether she likes classic white or sparkly ones.

What makes wedding sneakers so popular is that they are super comfy and easy to move around in. Unlike high heels that can pinch and hurt, sneakers let brides dance and walk without any worries. Plus, they are perfect for outdoor weddings or places with lots of walking, where fancy shoes might not be practical.

Another cool thing about wedding sneakers is that they can be personalized. Brides can add special touches like their initials, cute designs, or even messages that mean something to them. Some couples even match their sneakers, which adds a fun and coordinated vibe to the wedding party.

Sneakers aren't just for brides, though. Bridesmaids and even grooms are getting in on the trend too! It's a cool way for everyone to feel comfy and stylish while celebrating the big day together.

Overall, wedding sneakers are loved because they are comfy and stylish, and make a statement about being yourself. As more couples want their weddings to reflect who they are, the popularity of sneakers keeps growing. Whether you are the bride, a bridesmaid, or even the groom, slipping into a pair of wedding sneakers adds a touch of fun and flair to the special day.



5. The Perfect Fit: Mules

Mules don’t have a back, but they have yours. These bridal shoes have a chunky heel and can have open or closed toes, as per your comfort. Mules are super stylish and look sophisticated. They go well with all sorts of wedding outfits, whether you wear a modern dress or a classic lehenga. Plus, they are super comfy, so you don’t have to worry about your feet hurting; rather, you will feel happy about your feet.
One of the best things about mules is that they are easy to wear and easy to take off. You don’t have to hassle with buckles or laces; just slide your feet in. Whether you choose mules with stylish decoratives or plain classic mules, they will just add elegance to your bridal look. With mules, you can step into your wedding day feeling stylish, confident, and comfortable. So if you are still confused about your bridal shoes, definitely give mules a try; they might be the perfect fit you have been looking for. 




As Indian brides prepare for their special day, every detail of their outfit tells a story about their culture and personality. With the increasing popularity of bridal flat shoes, brides now have more options to feel comfortable while still looking elegant. Whether they choose traditional juttis or classic Bella flats, these bridal flats offer a wide range of styles to suit every bride's taste. Some are designed with beautiful embroidery bridal shoes, while others have a more simple and minimalist look.

No matter the design, these bridal flats celebrate tradition while also catering to the modern bride's desire for both comfort and style. So, you can confidently step into your new chapter with grace and ease, knowing that your bridal flat footwear reflects your unique identity and ensures you feel your best on the wedding day.


Bonus tip: Wear your Imagination: Customized Bridal Shoes

With a huge number of designs, sizes, and ranges of bridal flats, some brides might get confused about which design they should choose. Many of them want to express their creativity and wish to wear something they styled themselves because wearing customized wedding flats made by the bride herself is an incredible sensation for the bride. On today's date, some brands make bridal flat footwear to meet the demands of the bride. They take care of the feet' size, fit, color, and add-ons that match the bride’s outfit. Accordingly, you can choose the level of comfort for your feet, as they will have a lot of pressure on them.

Here at “Around Always”, we make bridal flats as per their demands. We have the finest craftsmen who give life to your imagination.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which heel do I pick for my wedding footwear?

  • If your primary concern is comfort during the long wedding day celebration, opt for our super lightweight and cushioned wedges. The wedges will provide you great support with a heavy lehenga.
  • If you want some glamour and stance you can go for upto 3inch of block heels as well. The cushioned insole shall take care of your feet.

Is Around Always' footwear comfortable?

At Around Always, we endeavour to make our footwear comfortable by taking into account:

  • We provide cushioned insoles so that the shoes don't hit you on your heels
  • We use lightweight materials - outer sole, wedges and heels to ensure the shoes don't feel like extra baggage to carry
  • The inners of the footwear are lined with soft materials that reduce probability of any shoe bites significantly.
  • We also customise the footwear to add arches on the insole and increase or decrease the inclination of the heels (from back to front) as per the requirements

Should I get a versatile wedding shoes for use later or a one-time wear bridal footwear?

If you want a versatile pair of wedding shoes that you may use later, you can opt for the following:

  • Get a wonderful golden or ivory colour footwear with hint of colour highlights to match your lehenga. Our Gulshan Wedges is a perfect example of such a pair.
  • If you are wearing a red or rani (hot pink) lehenga you can also get a similar colour footwear, as you shall be able to team it with other similar coloured outfits in your trousseau for functions right after your wedding

For a one-time pair, Around Always can do a bespoke bridal footwear matching with your lehenga. This will complete your look from top to toe and lead to some marvelous shots of your attire on the wedding day.

What customisation is possible for bridal shoes with Around Always?

At Around Always, we customise our footwear for colour, heel type, heel height, embroidery, width of the feet etc.

While most designs can be customised, we may operate under some constraints like large motifs may not be possible to fit in low heels, some colours may not be readily available etc.

We advise you to please check with our customer support for customisation before placing an order. You can reach out to them here - Contact Us.

How can I get my footwear customised?

You can get your footwear customised by reaching out to Around Always at:

  • +91-9147070698 via Whatsapp
  • Writing to us at
  • Filling out our customisation form on the product page

Please allow the customer services team atleast 24 business hours to respond to your request.