Guide to Picking the Right Throw Pillows for Decoration

Guide to Picking the Right Throw Pillows for Decoration

One fine day, I woke up in the morning and when I walked up to my living room, I realised that something was off. Something wasn’t working out. With my eyes, I scanned the entire room to spot what was it that suddenly felt so unusual to me. The clock was in its place, so was the house plant and the rug, and the television was still there. When everything was kept at its assigned position, why did I feel that something wasn’t there? I wondered and wondered. I plopped myself on the couch and then I realised something. This was when it hit me, “cushions!”. I never bothered to buy cushions or pillows. Maybe that’s the reason why it never felt comfortable to sit on the couch in the first place. Naturally, it felt that it would be the right time to get a few pillows and cushions but I wasn’t sure about what kind I should get, how many I should get or simply put, I wasn’t very sure about what I really wanted. So, I looked up on the internet. 

After a lot of searching, I narrowed down the “how-to” of getting the right pillows and cushions and made a guide of my own to follow for when I would buy mine. My guide might help you too, to find the perfect pillows. 

According to my guide of finding the right pillows, I had to first choose a colour palette or at least the types of colour I wanted whether it be bold, bright, pastel, earthy, pale or varying shades of one particular colour. Once I chose my colours, I also had to choose some printed pillows. It had to be of the same colour palette but of course, I could either choose simple and solid prints or some very filled or busy prints. 

I picked up so many pillows, that I had to check through my guide to see how many were too many for my couch. As it turns out, the number of pillows that would have been ideal for my couch had to be odd in number, preferably three or 5. The goal was to have enough pillows that would make it comfortable but not so many that I would hardly have any space to sit. It had to look cozy, so I eventually settled on getting five pillows.  

Now, I had enough pillows, I also got a printed pillow but I felt that it had to have some bold design. Something that would stand out and after some searching, I picked up the perfect pillow with a bold design that would complement the stuff I already picked. Also choosing something with more texture would give another dimension to my pillow arrangement. So, I checked the pillows I picked and I had already picked a pillow with embroidery that very well matched the colours I had chosen. 

Throw cushions with machine embroidery from Around Always

Now I had to make sure that all of them looked aesthetically pleasing when arranged together. And also, my guide mentioned that all the pillows when arranged together, should complement each other and also other soft furnishings in the room.   

While I was making sure that the pillows had a good finish, I realized that all of the pillows I picked were completely filled with pillow stuffing and were two hard for my comfort. At this point, I had to refer to the guide. It said that picking a mix of pillows with varying firmness would be more comfortable than getting all the pillows of the same kind. In the ones I picked, some had to be soft and a little droopy and some very firm and stable in order to get optimal comfort. My eyes then wandered off to this one guideline I completely missed. 

The sizes! I understood that picking only one size for all pillows can make it look bland and boring and can also make it uncomfortable after some time. And so, I had to choose different sizes that not only would increase comfort, but also give more depth to the arrangements of my cushions. 

The last thing I had to do now, was to buy my pillows and arrange them either symmetrically for a classier and more organised look or asymmetrically to make it look effortless and casual. And now my couch gave off the most comfortable and classy vibe.

 Follow my guide to get the perfect pillows and cushions for you! 

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